Tamarindos Freaking Dinner


Please let me introduce you Macario Macabro! the exorcist-mite pizza dude that have the bad luck to bring a order to Tagomago´s Mansion on MokingBird MilkyWay Heights 13, a haunted old creepy manor over the universe with the most horrorous dinner of all!
The stinky and cannibal Countess Erzeweth Wátory of Walpurgis (The Watracio´s Aunt!) host this infamous dinner, and you must bring the pizza, but wait... maybe the dinner is not the pizza... MAYBE IS YOU!!!!


Celery Emblem™


  • Meet the seven inhabitants on this dark & stormy night! they have been invited to this horrible mansion by the countess!

  • One hour and forty-five minutes left until dinner time, learn their behaviors and find a way to kill them before they eat you!

  • The game has a time cycle system like Majoras Mask!

  • Investigate and explore Tagomago´s Mansion with more than 50 rooms.

  • Find useless objects and others a little more useful, discover the secrets of this old haunted house and its sinister history.

  • Full of secrets and people´s skulls, there are maddening rooms that will make you lose your mind (literally).

  • Better than Maniac Mansion and Luigi's!

  • Help Macario with your wits and solve puzzles to end these infamous sinister fiends.

  • There are numerous endings depending on the paths you take in this stinky old house full of cannibals. As if it were a "Choose Your Own Adventure" Goosebump´s book!

  • Hilarious dialogues and stories in the purest style of the most famous graphic adventures! and for this occasion with canned laughter as if it were a 90´s TV Show. This is the story of Macario Macabro, but what no one ever knew is that he was already dead ... when he died.