Unleash your Inner Evil With Style, Speed, and Savagery

Devilated is the bastard child of a Boomer Shooter and a Classic RPG after snorting a line of pure, uncut super violence.

Shoot, ‘splode, slice, and shovel your way through a mysterious labyrinth brimming with bloodthirsty creatures. Style and savagery will be rewarded, use the bodies of your foes as shields then consume them for health, slow down time to maximize the potential for carnage.



Release Date:

2021-01-30 00:00

key features

  • 30 labyrinthian levels and 30 insane bosses.

  • Unlock 100+ weapons, around 70 items, and abilities like bullet time, dashing, and dual-wielding.

  • Huge playtime with 20 to 60 hours+ of gameplay with/ without NG+.

  • Classic RPG inventory with rotatable items.

  • New game + (Slaughter rank): Enemy count is increased and keeps increasing – face the ultimate challenge and unlock your true potential.

  • Headbang along with our incredible Metal soundtrack.

  • Freely equip various weapons and form your own playstyle. Wanna wield several Rocket Launchers at once? Anything is possible.

  • Save your game with checkpoints throughout each level.

  • Find secret easter eggs that give a glimpse into the mad man behind devilated.

  • Sit back and enjoy with a controller and optional vibration support.

  • Multiple Camera Tilting/ FOV options, from heavy ones to none at all. Choose your own style!

  • Infinite possibilities, create your own maps/ Import anything in Unity and upload to/ download from Steam Workshop!