blood servants


You awaken in prison, hungry, weak, and stripped of all your powers. You do not know what happened. You do not know why you are here.

There is only one thing you do remember: You need to get stronger.

Embark on an endless quest for power in Blood Servants, as you hack, slash, and loot your way through seven different dungeons as you build the perfect hero (or even the perfect team) to take on the apocalyptic future!


One Shark

key features

  • Explore seven huge dungeons in colorful Khorasan, packed with gorgeous art, epic loot, and of course, baddies to beat up!

  • Bring up to three friends along for the adventure in 4-player online and couch co-op!

  • Battle your way through massive hordes of enemies before facing off against intimidating bosses that test just how powerful you think you are!

  • Make pets out of the various beasts around Khorasan, and team up as they go with you into battle!

  • Upgrade your stats! Upgrade your gear! Upgrade your skills! Upgrade your town! Ah what the heck, upgrade your pet too! Run out of upgrades? Be reborn to reset your level while keeping your skills and go upgrade some more!